Inspirational (and other) Speaking

My 60 minute talks encourage delegates to rediscover the passion that enables them to recharge their batteries and prevent burn out and loss of creativity. It provides an extremely entertaining, anecdotal and most of all positive perspective of South Africa and draws comparisons between the challenges faced on my self-powered 6 772km journey around the border of South Africa and those encountered in the business world as well as in one’s personal life. The presentation is very visual with a number of slides and a short video clip. Some of the points that are covered are:

  • Focusing on the positive
  • Translating the dream into a goal
  • Developing discipline and routine in the good times
  • The power of reward
  • Learning to give and receive help
  • Not being immobilized by the enormity of the goal
  • The value of being target driven
  • Finding creative alternatives when resources we rely upon disappear
  • Preventative maintenance – taking care of the important things before they present a crisis
  • The value of collaboration

Keynote Presentations include:

  • Up with Mzantsi! Inspired by the Beloved Country.
  • A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline!
  • Achieving a balance
  • What your business needs more than anything are employees who have truly come ALIVE!
  • Adapt and thrive in a changing environment

Social Media Law

  1. Intro. How to use your phone without being disciplined at school, going to jail, getting sued, jeopardizing your safety,  ruining your rep (or your school’s) or bankrupting your parents.
  2. Basic Principles.Digital content is dangerous, public and forever and you are never anonymous.
  3. Staying safe:Sexting, Cyberbullies and Predators (applies to all platforms eg whatsapp, insta, snapchat, gaming etc)
  4. Legal Principles:publishing digital content, freedom of speech, criminal and civil law and the ages from which you have criminal and civil capacity, defamation, crimen injuria, privacy and more.
  5. Social Media do’s and dont’s.

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