Entry Process

(Read the small print :))
There are 20 permanent Wild Women tickets which are only transferable by the current ticket holders… so to get a ticket you need to find a current Wild Woman who is willing to part with hers! There are also an additional 4-6 Wild Card tickets which change every year, again you would need to make contact with a current Wild Woman to secure one of these tickets. Although we are sad to say goodbye to any of our special group of women our vision is that each existing Wild Women will eventually outgrow her ticket and move on to greater challenges when she feels equipped to do so. She then has the opportunity to bless another woman by passing on her ticket. There is no intention to make this event exclusive but we are limited by the fact that we organise the logistics free of charge, rely on a volunteer husband to drive one back up vehicle (24-26 bags is a challenge!) as well as the fact that we really want this to be an intimate experience where all the women have an opportunity to interact and develop a real relationship with each other.